Providing Insolvency Advice & Facilitating Debt Relief Solutions

KW Associates can help you tackle problem debt by providing individually tailored financial advice, specific to your particular circumstances. 

Being insolvent means that you are not able to pay any or all your financial commitments when they fall due. You may be unable to meet your credit card repayments, your overdraft, or your home mortgage payments every month. Perhaps you have arrears on your home mortgage that you will never be able to discharge given your income or age. You may have received notice that your mortgage lender is looking to repossess your home or you may have received Court proceedings seeking repossession. Perhaps you have creditors constantly calling and writing to you seeking payments on debts. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and no two debt solutions are the same.

Statutory debt relief solutions are available to help protect your home.

As both a PIP and a practising Solicitor with a wealth of experience in personal insolvency, Karen is uniquely positioned to help you deal with problem debt.


Personal Insolvency Practitioners (PIPs) are qualified professionals, regulated by the Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI), who have the expertise to provide you with debt advice and work with you and your creditors to resolve problem debt using alternative solutions to bankruptcy.